[V] VeNoM

Never say 16+ V is V!

[V] VeNoM

Battlefield 4 & Battlefield 1
Playstation 4
Depuis 2016


Nom d'utilisateur Game ID
T1MB3RW0LV35 psn T1MB3RW0LV35
Nerrrv psn o_OImNervousO_o
Raedux psn Raedux
FusioN__DetoXx psn FusioN__DetoXx


Utilisateur Game ID
Cat psn Cat-boy123
Tempe40_1 psn Tempe40_1
Duckyyy psn LilwhiteDuck
biggie psn BIGGIEndNAS
AvRaGe psn IIx_AvRaGe_xII
Jordy1-1 psn Jordy1-1
ProNation__HyreX psn ProNation__HyreX
Scv-2796 psn scv-2796
VeNoM_Preda psn VeNoM_Preda
eL_Helix psn VeNoM__Helix
KemoL psn kamil3005fa
Virtuosity psn Virtuosiity
CorvetteVermelho psn CorvetteVermelho
TheBERG366 psn The_BERG_366
iiMF7m psn iiMF7ii
InFamouS_MeDoO psn InFamouS_MeDoO
Memphis515 psn MEMPHIS_GRIZZ11

Présentation de l'équipe

Only playing 8s & 12s, inactive on 16s 

About us: 
Just some randies and casuals awaiting our eventual demise at the hands of the BF3 gods on BF1 :(
Counting down to the day we start to "matter" ;__; 

Rulefuck free since January 17, 2016 
8 Months & Counting! 

Getting carried by ringers since SoN, vVv, I4L, OpS, iCon, pp, dN, aM & MeeD went inactive! 

BF4 Accomplishments 

Tournaments Hosted by Organizers 
- Winner of ESB 15v15 League Season 2 
- Winner of ESB 16v16 League Season 5 
- Winner of ESB 16v16 League Season 6 
- Winner of 2016 Spring Season NGT League 
- Finalist of ESB 16v16 League Season 3 
- Finalist of ESB 16v16 League Season 4 

Tournaments Hosted by the Community 
- Winner of the Champions Cup 
- Winner of RedStarZ Tournament Season 2 
- Winner of Tournament of the Americas 
- Finalist of The Shadow Cup 
- Finalist of InterContinental Cup 
- Finalist of DSO Cup 
- Finalist of Second Assault Season 2 

Historique des victoires ( Historique des victoires )

Paracel Storm & Zavod 311
Small Conquest 8v8