Battlefield 1 events coming to NGT

An update regarding Battlefield 1 adoption

Play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for free from 15th to 20th December

Sample three game modes during free trial, progress will carry over if you purchase the game

Lock, Stock and 5 Smoking Barrels – NEW Rainbow Six: Siege TOURNAMENT

We'd like to introduce you the next generation of competitive tournaments with stakes way higher


Two times as fast, ten times as tense


NGT Cup / Domination 5v5 / Battlefield 4 / All platforms

[ADR] Adrenaline is now officially the absolute champion in Rainbow Six: Siege on PlayStation 4

According to the results of the most recent R6:SIEGE NGT Cup "It's Just a Bomb 2", anyways

NGT Cup "Know Your Enemy. Winter 2016" – COD:IW

First Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Tournament by NGT – Search and Destroy

[RSN] Rising Sun is Supreme Champion of NGT Cup « 5v5 Domination. Fall 2016»

The most recent Battlefield 4 Domination tournament on PlayStation 4 has JUST finished

Registration for Rainbox Six: Siege Tournament in the Bomb gamemode is now OPEN

«It’s just a BOMB 2» – that’s what the second tournament is called

16" bulletproof glass vs RPG-7

Is Battlefield really that balanced? Let’s check it out

The First 15 Minutes of Titanfall 2 in 1080p 60fps

The first fifteen minutes of Titanfall 2's single player campaign after the tutorial.