Rant on the official forums and Forbes responding. What's next?

Few days ago Jeff «Tigole» Kaplan, the Game Director for Overwatch and Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment, replied in the comments on the Overwatch official forums dedicated to the discussion on use of mouses and keyboards on consoles. He called for Microsoft and Sony to either completely eliminate the usage of mouse and keyboard on the consoles, or else make this usage available and easy for all players. Jeff Kaplan also encouraged players to reach out to both console manufacturers «in a productive and respectful way».

However, there is a certain degree of controversy to Kaplan’s statement. For instance, Forbes’ Erik Kain argued that one of the requirements is, in fact, satisfied already, as both Playstation 4 and Xbox One do somewhat officially support PC-ish key and mouse input devices.

Kain further makes a point that, according to his personal experience, no significant advantage is obtained with mouse and keyboard, but then points out that no one plays non-exclusive console shooters anyways, so that should not be a problem.

What’s your thoughts on that, fellow NextGens?

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