Because we thought that you might be tired of being stuck hundred years ago.

Wake up! The time has come to leave the Great War’s trenches and join Marty McShanghai and Doc Browning in their journey BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Future is uncertain and, thus, extremely hard to predict, yet our intel says that you will have to conquest the battlefield in teams of 8, that you will be able to use land and air vehicles, and that it’s going to be fun.

The competition is going to be a two-stage one, featuring Round Robin in the first and Playoff in the second. If you have some issues with joining the tournament, refer to the following video: Complete Guide on How to Join a NextGenTornaments Event

Report to the headquarters and sign up now.

P.S. Our intel also said that NGT is bringing back “Operation Locker” in the Small Conquest. Refer to Regulations to find out how you can fight on this particular map.

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