And here come NGT's congratulations and feedback.

Hey there, fellow NextGens!

Here we are: [EXILE] EXILE is the supreme champion of the NGT Cup «500+»! The prize of €40 (US$45) is already being wired to the team leader's online wallet.

[CaM] Condanna a Morte came second in this Tournament, and we just have to say this – final match was outstandingly epic. Check the stream below (in Russian).

[5.45] 5.45mm Team came third this time and, to great misfortune, we did not see a battle for the third place.

Few stats and numbers

All in all, 14 teams took part in the tournament, yet few of them had to leave the tournament due to the problems with teams' rosters – come on, guys, let's take it more serious – real cash was at stake.

Initially, we'd had 50 matches planned, and all of them took place; however, 26 happened to be walkovers due to teams leaving the Tournament and not showing up for matches. Apparently, those guys needed a bit more incentives, than just earning regalia and money.

The limit of 140 players was set, and only 69 players participated in the game. In our opinion, teams should be able to employ a diversified player base, and therefore we tend to provide a few extra slots on teams' rosters.

Palma___94 happened to be the most constant player of the Cup; in fact, he participated in 86 rounds throughout the Tournament. However, he is not the MVP of the event – we'll announce the MVP later, so stay in touch.

And don't forget – the more activity we see, the bigger the prize becomes ;)

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