Weekend Rainbow Six Tournament in Hostage gamemode is over now – let's have a look who the winner is

Congratulations [T-D] turn around on the winning in the latest FastCup! We hope that [T-D] will continue to grow as an eSports team, and the eSports career starts with FastCups like this one. eSports career starts with us.

Teams that came 2nd – [DF] Destructive Force – and 3rd – [QBS] QbackS – we'd like to recommend to develop updated tactics and improve teamwork. But hey, you still came in the top 3 – not bad at all! 

One-day teams have no chance against more established teams in shortcoming tournaments like «750+», so we encourage you to come to it with a well-established and highly trained team in order to show some hardcore gaming.

Good luck on the battlefield!

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