«Back to the Future» – how it was, how it is and how it will be. Long story short

Hey fellow NextGens!

Just a few days ago our rush over the trenches of the modern warfare was over, and resulted in a ruthless victory by [MAGA] The Deplorables. Congratulations!

The team demonstrated us an all-side well-done game in terms of powerful, fair and tactical combat, solid personal and teamwork skills and careful approach to the eSports culture – making a great example for the others.

Unfortunately, not everyone happened to be this way. So, what are the conclusions of the Tournament?

  1. Teams have to learn how to organize their own schedules on a timely basis and in accordance with the guidelines provided by NGT. We’ve had a few instances of trying to reschedule a match 6-12-18 hours before, which was unacceptable – in this case, teams had been instructed to let us know at least 24 hours prior to the date and time originally scheduled. Therefore, in certain matches teams went home with walkovers, which can be fairly crucial in the context of the playoff. We place these limitations because we have other stakeholders involved – other teams playing other matches, livestreamers and, last yet not the least, the opponent team.

  2. Some teams took a good while in signing up for the tournament and submitting their rosters. You gotta stop taking your time with this, guys!

  3. Players and teamleaders have to fill in their profiles carefully – we’ve had issues of missing PSN IDs and incorrect time preferences.

  4. A lot of politics happened in the Tournament – ½ of all matches resulted in applications for Rules and Regulations violations and so – even during the Finals!

  5. Talking about Rules and Regulations – they are the same for everyone, and you need to read them carefully.

We were trying not to apply naming and shaming here, but we just have to. The team [FACK] MAZARFACKAR would have been awarded with the prize for the «Most Appropriate Team Name», if such an award had ever existed; however, this is somewhat out of scope. What is, however, is that the leaders of [FACK] showed us ridiculously poor unsportsmanlike conduct and absolutely unacceptable attitude towards opponents, admins and, let’s say it, common sense. At the moment, we are reviewing an option to permaban [FACK] leaders from ever joining NGT events again.

Oh hey, we’ve also organized an official English Finals Livestream for the first time ever, and the livestream was held by the leader of [ego] ego eSports, Notorious_Sqkr. He not only led his team to the 3rd place with his leadership skills, but also with his serious and smooth approach to organizing team’s schedule, therefore making [ego] on of the most organized teams in «Back to the Future».

Also, we’d like to thank our Russian stream team of LoveSport69 and SunDoobieMan, and also ryazanov13, tolk2003 and xFearlessRiZe for their help in making this happen.

Thank you for participation, and we’ll see you soon.

Good luck on the battlefield!

Final. [cX] ConveX.e-Sport vs [MAGA] The Deplorables

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