Rainbow Six Tournament registration is open. Join now!

We’ve tested your patience for some time… Oh well, we’ve had some rest – but only to hit you right now with our brand new Rainbow Six: Siege Tournament. It’s 750+

We call it 750+ since we have reached 750 followers on our community page in VK. The Tournament will be a two-stage one:

  • Stage 1: Round-robin, Best of 2, two subgroups. Four best teams out of every Group proceed to the Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: Play-off, Best of 3.

We’ve put in some limitations as well. Teams that have won our tournaments and fastcups during the previous 6 months cannot participate in 750+. These are:

  • [T-D] turn around
  • [DF] Destructive Force
  • [ADR] Adrenaline

The teams mentioned above cannot participate in this Tournament, therefore giving a chance to younger teams.

Hurry up! We have only 32 slots available. Don't forget that your registration is not confirmed until you submit your roster. You can edit it later until the day when the Tournament starts.

Later on, we'll set up a Discord, and will hold most of communications there. By now, team leaders are encouraged to include as many contact details as possible so that we'll all be in touch.

When will the Tournament start?

You have 2 weeks to sign up for the Tournament, but we'll take off earlier once all the slots are filled up. As soon as that happens, we'll close the registration and will generate the schedule.

Choose your map

In 750+, first two maps for every match will be chosen by each team respectively. When necessary for the Stage 2, the third map will be generated automatically. You have to inform your opponent regarding map selecrion 24 hours before the game (1 hour before in Stage 2). The rescheduling of the Stage 2 match is only possible due to issues on Ubisoft side.



Q: Will there be prizes in 750+?
A: We'll leave it a secret for now ;)

Q: Will NGT track personal stats for the Tournament?
A: Of course we will!

Q: Where to address my queries?
A: Discord one of our admins – search for: TimFox187#8129

Oh hey, by the way. Your participation in 750+ is your entry ticket to 1000+ – we will only let in those who we have already seen participating in our previous tournaments. Free wins are not counted as "participation", just FYI.

Good luck on the battlefield!

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