First NGT's Battlefield 1 Tournament - Domination 5v5


We'll have to hold the line too because we're expecting more teams than ever - this tournament is going to take place on both PlayStation 4 and PC. Information support for this tournament comes from: BATTLEFIELD-LIFE & V FOR VOICE

Follow these steps in order to join:

  1. Join our Battlefield Discord
  2. Sign up yourself and register your team on our website. If you have issues, refer to the video: Complete Guide on How to Join a NextGenTornaments Event
  3. Apply to the tournament, submit your roster and confirm participation before the check-in date
  4. Read rules and regulations of the tournament carefully
  5. Invite your friends to join the battle
  6. Follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter
  7. Compete and win! 

Teams playing on PlayStation 4 click here. Teams playing on PC click here.

Good luck on the battlefield!

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