Rainbow Six: Siege and Battlefield 1 Fast Cups – Results and Conclusions

It finally happened, and now it's over. By 'it' I mean simultaneous PlayStation 4 Fast Cups in Battlefield 1 and Rainbow Six: Siege that we've organized and that you've participated it.

A hundred years ago or so sixteen teams were fighting tooth and nail.

They were fighting with each other, and sometimes with rules, with admins and, occasionally, with common sense. Many never came back from the battle grounds – some lost in a fair fight, some fell victims to 'rulef--k', and some rage quit like samurai and put an end to suffering of self, peers and admins.

So let us celebrate the team of [8Pz] OctapuzZ Gaming that stumbled once in the beginning, yet made it to the very Final, making its way through the Losers bracket!

In the Final, glorious [8Pz] came together in a combat with Gnatix eSport and made it through as winners. Then, they defeated [GnX] again in the Grand Final and became kings of the Fast-Cup hill "Summer 2017. Domination 5v5".

So let us congratulate the team of OctapuzZ Gaming on their victory, Gnatix eSport on the well-deserved second place; and let us thank everyone for participation and for assistance in organizing and conduct of the tournament!

So let us take a moment to appreciate the input of honourable Notorious_Sqkr who took the responsibility to livestream the Grand Final of the combat. His cast from the field of battle can be observed by clicking here.

So let us subscribe to his YouTube channel, and to ours, too! All the latest NGT news are available in our Battlefield Discord

P.S. All the leaders of teams-participants will be soon invited to join a discussion on making NGT's rules and tournaments better. Stay in touch. 

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