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Respect every opponent

[8Pz] OctapuzZ Gaming

Battlefield 1
Playstation 4
Since 2017


Username Game ID
OctapuzZ_Peno psn OctapuzZ_Peno


User Game ID
OctapuzZ_RaPanTe psn OctapuzZ_RaPanTe
OctapuzZ_cLocKHQ psn OctapuzZ_cLocKHQ
ITz_MySTiCz_ psn ITz_MySTiCz_
OctapuzZ_DeLuXE psn OctapuzZ_DeLuXE
OctapuzZ_Red psn OctapuzZ_Red
OctapuzZ_Waffel psn OctapuzZ_Waffel
ShakhtR psn OctapuzZ_ShakhtR

Team's presentation

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Log of wins ( last 20 )

Amiens & Sinai Desert
Domination 5v5
The St. Quentin Scar & not selected & not selected
Domination 5v5
Sinai Desert & not selected
Domination 5v5
Amiens & Giant's Shadow
Domination 5v5
Sinai Desert & Suez
Domination 5v5